Why F&M Votes 

Young people aged 18-24 vote less (have a lower rate of voter turnout) than any other age group. F&M Votes seeks to turn that fact on its head.


In 2012, for instance, F&M Votes registered (for our precinct) 1126 students, or 55%, of students (eligible U.S. citizens) who were on-campus that fall. 985 students, or 87% of those who registered, actually voted on November 6 at the on-campus polling site. We sought to get a better, more quantifiable picture of our success at getting F&M students to vote in 2012 by conducting a survey of F&M students to get an approximation of how many voted absentee. Combining that absentee rate with the local, in person electoral records gave us an effective total voting rate of 67%. 



你可能会惊讶地得知,1979年 最高法院的裁决 肯定了大学生的登记投票的县/状态中,他们上学的权利。所以,如果您已经注册到投票回家,为什么你应该考虑改变您的注册到兰开斯特县和宾夕法尼亚州?

  • 方便: 你更可能投一张选票在11月选举中,如果你能亲自做, and the polling location for F&M students with a campus address (or nearby apartments) is always within easy walking distance of campus.
  • 您的投票可能会更个性化: 宾夕法尼亚州一直被认为是摇摆州在过去的几年选举期间(并可能会继续持有在年中的状态来),所以你决定在这里投票 可能有较大的影响 比你家的状态。
  • 你可以影响当地的问题: 不打折对于可能涉及您的问题地方和国家选举的重要性: 税收,市政,教育和社会服务的资金,保护环境;名单是无止境的,而你的声音很重要。


As an F&M student, you are strongly encouraged to register using a form that is partially completed by F&M Votes; this will guarantee you use the correct mailing address for the College. 



  • 想随时了解即将举行的选举?

  • 想帮助我们得到了这个词有关投票? 

  • 想在你的社区有区别吗?



The work of registering F&M voters and promoting each election takes the work of dozens of students, faculty and professional staff. Our volunteers staff registration tables, handle in-class registrations, process paperwork, compile statistics and participate in efforts to "get out the vote" (including baking cookies!).

如果你想加入志愿者的我们的电子邮件,请联系我们的FPS共同主持, 杰西卡·海尔.